A noose around their noise ridden necks again / when(?) we go AGAIN, AND against the gratitude-of-THe-grain, there shall have become this

——Other universally estranged equation; and it is exciting and it IS immediately this

Ahem, resilience facedThing. “We’ve been UPset by something GoodG*dAndDAMNuGlY for its… hurteded worth.”

These cookies don’t cRuMble, they m-e-r-e-l-y cOLlApSe and c-a-r-e-e-n(!) at the Seams, they EVEN seem to have covered all of——>)theOTHERangles

… …Of disenfranchised Awareness(.) “yes!” We w-i-l-l GO(!) there.. ((-yet-)) again. And why, but because

The mind does NOT lie: lethargic and layabout AND(!!) a relic of its ownTime— “there’s a tone OfThUnDerOusApproval inside of theirViolatedMinds

And we cannot seem to seek to find: ANYTHING worth mentioning EVERagain.” Except to say: “Go fuck yourselves, please, and thanks for barely even bASKING…

in our mammoth AfterGLOW(!!)”