1 It is when all courageous moments (manage to) catch creative fire (yet) (again), when all angles of disenfranchised eyes (get to) comfortably collide(, decode) and (delicately) decide …

To (mightily) pre-/realign this time!

2 Oh, by the heartfelt might of crazed design

On the paralyzed part of many a problematically paralyzed person perhaps
Yet/Yes, we just have to ask, “but can they really (well and surely) gather their greatest(, most misplaced) gaining/s and st-ART/start…

3 To carry a dancing heart/heART (this time).. … Is to search (above and beneath the beautiful beyond) (and nearest to nearer-still) T/these (swollen) (softly) (sea-shelled) (sea)shores (F)for a precious(ly kept) piece of everybody else’s best/less-kept secret/s?

4 Oh, my — brought back together by the (kind) gracidity of (fastly) fallen design

And especially/(courageously) given over by (manner and) (way) of (a) (most) miraculous sense of belonging again
And beneficially bargaining to (once again) (M)make (deceptively) singular sense: Of (only ever) themselves.

5 Of (…) (sometimes) (,so very sufficiently,) (some times) Somebody else
((This ((one-sided and crying-shamed)) time

Oh, my — Can her water-work eyes really, well-and-surely f-e-e-l the weight of the w(h)ine

At the fall of ‘kindly’ nighttime?! Fueled this time – To (celebrate,) (collaborate and) creatively/comfortably collide: Is to catch and dance with all kinds of kindly k-i-t-e