Bosco, an age-old story all about a little red-haired boy who lives inside of a multi-coloured box
Caught on right from the very beginning
Mommy and Daddy loved to see us watch it all of the morning long
I remember it oh so well, oh so fondly
Although it does hurt me to say it but a few too many of you sitting right here in front of me might be a little too young perhaps to ever get to know just what he was like
What IT was like!!
Just how great he really was!
Or maybe, just MAYBE, it will come back upon your tellies one day
Soon, please god!!!
Would you like to know a little or a lot more about Bosco?
Well then… here goes!!
There was Bosco, of course, and Frank and Mary – two middle-aged people who you couldn’t help but adore right from the beginning too!
You might be a bit surprised by this part of my story but our tiny national hero was actually stolen away once upon a time
By two VERY mean and SILLY criminals
Know what they did? They came on into the studio in the middle of the night, oh so slowly, and stole him for one whole week
Can you believe THAT!?
They even wanted money before they gave him back… how RIDICULOUSLY silly!
I don’t think they were real Bosco fans to be fair
I mean, really they were just a pair of eejits with no true love for the boy wonder
Anyway, we finally got him back and continued to watch him right before school and on the weekend when we didn’t have any football match
He wore a green and white little jumper and spoke in a SERIOUSLY squeaky voice
Honestly, he sounded JUST like a tiny mouse with a little clown suit on!
So try and remember the name B-O-S-C-O for me, will you please do that?
And as soon as you guys do get home again be SURE to ask your parents to maybe buy you all a Bosco DVD
If you curl up those limber legs of yours and sit it out in front of that telly I can promise you this, those smiles will pour on out of you guys at a Million. Miles. An. Hour!
Bosco, he really was one of the best!
Our little boy in a multi-coloured box…