What if we told them, though / “all of our exploratory stories AT-LARGE? And what if we went and delivered a searing SERMON anyway… to only ever one PersOn of Piedmont Persuasiveness?” We’ve even been becoming HEAVEN-SENT people AGAIN. And past the point of purely paralysis.

Listened to the stick-end, diamond-DEATH people kill and scream and scram and dream – “as if *TOED ALONG now nice and dandy…
AND T!ED TO A T!CKERTAPE moon.” She’s invested so very much that we cannot even see Forest nor Tree! It’s

A purely egalitarian attempt at shrinking lividly inside of Her geriatric Self (again). What will we do when the time stands remarkably still and we act illy UpsIde-Down now inside of our

Mollycoddled minds? When we’ve overINVESTED IN ANYONE ELSE’s sense and earmarked the way they say: “such very damn downright despicable things.”

To the insides of our LoudMOUTHED selves
When what we wrestled with really was

One of the most: “marvellously messed-UP masterpieces that only one MalAdJusTeD mind can’ve ever been to’ve SECRETIVELY seen.”

*As in actually dragged kicking-and-screaming by their toe