We borrowed a sense of secondary intelligence from themselves and it felt like all of the things ingeniously Should feel- “specially real and RipROARINGLY homespun.” Spin it again, please. We have been taken care of by the GreatestDamnPeople and it feels “outrageously Real.”

The only time it takes to be realer than real people is whenever.. “the milk gets boiled til blasted around the barking mad brim.. and the baby boils their wArBlInG MinD back to Beijing… abstractedly speaking, that is.”

There is a gun, and it’s hidden deep back within; the inner OUTSIDE actually. We are silent allies and we will..

Figure it.. ahem, IN actually. “Just KNOW 1 lingering of thing:: that they’ve been thinking about baby faced Screaming… til the cows get turned into UpsideOUT(!!) meat-pieces again.”