They’ve inter-developed their over state of uttermost bEWiLdeR and it appears – eyes-and-ears – as EAGER as anything else which can EVER HAVE BEEN: keen-eyed and -MINDED ARE these p-r-i-o-r-i-t-i-s-e-d people

… … with dIsHevEllEd and wonderFULLY pieced back together minds again, how they a-c-t IS ACTUALLY an a-c-t of utterly random entitlement (yet) again. And YET..

What they have here ((aforeMENTIONED)) appEARS to have had its very own commercialised e-f-f-e-c-t upon these PURELY peripheral people: of aforeMENTIONED PRIORitised smiles and eyes and ALL items put upon their To-Do Lists:

Of (UN)enviABLE ENDeavOURS of underANNOUNCED entitlement and OTHER HoPsCotChiNg hierarchies. We are ((all-of-us)) just about ABLY a-c-t-i-n-g

AGitAtEd a-n-d agoraphoBIC and on p-o-i-s-e-d AND pArAlYSeD (sense of) purPOSE —

“in=DEED, what they SEEM to (SIMper and) SEE isn’t exactly what we aforeMENTIONED(!!) appear to have s-e-i-z-e-d — except, only ever OF COURSE, for the WHOLE wide-open fact that…

It’s all-of-it been: this HOMEgrown ThING of u-t-t-e-r-l-y passionate AND PASSION-FACED INSISTENCES… …

In fucking d-e-e-d!”