They followed her solid soul to the back ofBEHIND, and she’s even taken theTIME: to unwind her lethargic EyEs NoW(.)

“She’s sat herself downAGAIN(!!) and ably multiplied these WhiteLittleSugarCoatLies, oh My(!!)”
These ARE the MOST important-and-promising Artists of seen-To-BePromiscuous MISbehaving’s and it feels as if—>

Behind their non-RESPONSIVE soul LIES:: “a whole-other-world of universaLAND VERSE-TASTIC aplomb…”

Oh, but What WE had done to be-with-them IN THEIR FINE and flitting COMPANY is, EerIly EffedUP actuALLy, AND their alLIES ARE

All of Them a-c-t-i-n-g AND Dripping(!!) knee-deep in enough Genuine-Silence AndSweetness ofSwEaT right-about-NOW —-)

While she argues with herself for a ten-Million-THOUSANDTHtime— only it WON’T make any More SeNsE than ((it didn’t!!)) beFORE.