She steps on into his everyday dream and this pristinely fitted, oceanically-dripping bathing-suit soothes his visionary everything

And, rest-assured, for she holds a million like-minded men at hostilised hostage

And absolutely anything can and will happen, because to catch glaringly obvious sight of these National Geographic replicated eyes – haunting to a point of undeniable fixation – manages to garner altogether terrific feelings

He just cannot bring himself to tear these unrequited instances immediately away, from the unforgettably scintillated scene before him, wherein this pretty and spectacularly arisen picture … of utter bespoke and Bond-soaked perfection … paints a thousand words retold to anyone more than willing to listen

Pin-pricked ear, those all too aware steer clearer than clear

Simply thrilled to be here right about now, nearer to classical beauty than he could have ever fully fathomed himself to imagine

She fails to tell him though, little did he know … She adores the bones of his being of course