Their layabout sorry little sorta-Okay-existences were NOT(!) what they’ve been meaning for( not for a merely eager , actually). And that’s… hmm, “not ok.” At all, and he will -/ thank themselves kindly again

“For having had been these stereo-physical a-n-d sickeningly cyclical people” of unintelligible art indeed. We were not happy and not in any particular formulA: relieved(!) “but because it H-A-D to continue on

Ahead of themselves.. “we tried for the cherish of damN+near=everything again.” When we were dead and buried this is WHEN(?) it will all come cRaShInGDoWnAroUnd and happening for them&us..

“And in a most post-humorousInstance worthWithstanding.. .” We like them, then, yet we do NOT-love them anymore than they fail to do —-)))

“We.” And, yes(..) there is a depthInsideOfTheirTheoryOfMind
Which tries to tell its own tale

of tumultuousness AND forced forgiveness, and while they write themselves into a brand new literary face of history —)) “we might just beGIN to sleep with our imaginations WIDEopen again.” Remember it well: they might just have turned their backs on utter productivity

On a person who did nothing WrOnG but for following their own song 🎶 amidst the tripping, sKiPpInG needle of the century and at the centre of it all