It’s not the art part that entirely enthrals me but rather the.. creator’s inability to stop themselves from creating a piece. It’s interesting to me because, well, literally everyone has a masterpiece in them, just that… well, you decide how far you wanna take yourself til teaching that point. I loathe this whole “respect art. Buy art. Support artists.” That’s exactly, for me, like saying… even if this accountant is shite, you still support them. It’s a quotation that tends to put all ‘artists’ on one single venomous category. Last time I checked all of the accountants in the world didn’t hang out together, but there is this plain as day insinuation that artists are the exact same breed as each other, which literally could not be farther from the truth. It kinda drives me nuts actually, and drives me nuts that it kinda drives me nuts. Yeah. I hate the word artist, too, it seems. Maybe I hate artists and… aaaaah, Pot Kettle Black, it appears. Shit 😬