These ARE, perhaps, the artists who have been altering their very own TwiSt-oF-fAtE- vocalist and perpetrator Alike, “they’ve EVEN very-nearly s-o-f-t-e-n-e-dDEMONICALLY”

—-)the evening/time bow-down NOW.

// as these Peripheral-things and WiLdlY-OlD-bitsNPieces of LoPsiDEd equipment shALL…

Actually all-of-them AlTeR their VERYown diehardTWISToffarREACHINGfate, too. “It’s a bloody-fucking FuTuRiStiC cornucopia actually: of obliviously agitating and conversationally ridiculed FOLKlore, and The right-way-wrongNOW(!) minds of these Particular-particle of Patriotic People appear to be having—->>>

A big-badBLAST(!!)NOw actually”—
Even IF, this isn’t exactly a plethora of Glorious overIndulgencesAnyM-O-R-E // but.. the DrugsDOpour

To inebriate AND RESTORE. As the blood/BatH spurs them ON SOME MORE – to drown their down-and-out dirty-ol’ sorrows

In an ocean
of made-UP&iMaGinEd puddles:
Inside Of Their
StarryEyed Minds