. Maybe she’s been peppered in purest protocol or maybe she’s

Doing uncertain things with her tick tock tImE. We weren’t exactly right and we weren’t precise either about

Her way with egocentric words / she’s been a slur of RATIONALISED inebriation and making == everybody else feel eerie about taking the next S!P OF upside… DOWN – the throat – guttural denial. “Blah-Blah… mother-*******-BLAAAAAAH(!!)”

We aren’t the greatest at being blamelessly imbalanced and we’ve not EVEN been our own worst company, because, as she sits, we will all soothingly STAND TO deliver

A straight and balanced version of an upside down individual imbecile’s greatest PortrayaL – “with a Learning Sign Based On ALL KINDS OF Kind.” She’s about as happy as Lar and as Contrived as Cornelius(!!) And she might even like to Additionally ADD

______ her indebted-to-THEM mind to the Mesmerising Mix Of Indescribable people. We Kinda LIKE

How their voices sound WHEN THEY (shy away and) SAY: “nothing ElSe At All, actually.” Love it SO VERY MUCH when they wail inside of the inescapable air WHICH SnAkEs rIghT~round~them again, when it sHaKeS tHeIrBody of bAttLe-BacK bones To ThE

___ eDgE oF itS REASONABLE reckoning () .

It’s not a calculated MesS, or maybe it is: “this state of reverberating and pulSaTinGly impassioned people with comedic eyes and even funnier SmIleS… .”

Some times she sends

her beleaguered brain back to belonging and other tones of time she’s a timid little WilDeBeesT of

Crying eyes – “SHHHH, now(!!)” For she’s about to die:: A Happy Lady of all that did not matter

…. amidst this endless state of “She Did All That She Could (anyway) To Care amidst THIS——

her battle-hardened state of unforgivably MIScalculated bLiS$(!! _!)”