He fits his silkened tie and prepares to go, it’s been meaning to happen for an age – old century
Prepped with his oblong words for complete companionship aside marvelled at gusto – this particularly peculiar soliloquy flow will just have to be quite courageous
To gesticulate then spin their each and every self – permitted brain – dead mind into final gargantuan submission
Screw the infamous upheaval
There ain’t no better get-out-of-jail card it does indeed seem than a suddenly reopened vocabulary
Treat ‘ em rip – roaringly mean to keep ’em besottedly keen
Of fastidious and fair affable sorts
For their bounce – about worth alone
Prone to catching the solemn pretender out for their falsified and abruptly robotic interruption tendencies
To set you piercing apart all over again
These words are finally perched to give birth to something downright awe – inspiring and sentimental
And just before his own warlock mind went all kinds of irreparable mental