It’s a sleeping insinuation that all of these things have come comfortably a cropper and awaiting the weight of brand new and anticipatory overindulgences – because, believe US when we SAY this particular thing, please(!) but: “she has taken herself thoroughly THRU-out thick and
AND bounced bAcK red-faced, ashen and bewildered by it ALL and utterly born-BoDaCioUs!!

This has been an incremental(delicately-both-deceptively MeNtAl) thing Of heartbreaking portrayal —- “somehow”.

ALL OF THIS, which swims holy***k inside of her beautifully BLUE-ribboned MIND… HOW you speak with her because she was put here for OnE sOuL(!) rEasOn: “To do as she DamNrighT pleases, to observe the unOBSERVABLE.. these RiGht kinds of K-i-n-d-l-y PeoPle!!”

Those same sane people with enough emotional wherewithal AND brilliantly balanced & antagonised pomposity to… … Hold onto their own bristled breathes a-whilst…

The rest of them-there Fekcsake wannabes shu- shu- sHuDdEr-to-sPEAK and blatantly became.. Past the point of tense And SO goddamn deliciously peripheral.

Perfectly, actually. Yes. She antagonised her eyes to mollycoddle their minds

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