The wander has been… relatively exceptional, actually. Only in a MOST upsettingly antagonised instance, for we have illy disguised our disfigured and disgusted selves time again from some kind

Of normalised and EVEN absent minded society; they appear benevolent and rather real and EVEN these rather rectangular people

ALL tAnGLeD UP within a state of irreparable disrepair, ACTually… even if, and when it shall stART to feel

All kinds of smoothly running now, for a tone of time-being which really should have seen

To it that it never whittled itself down NOW(!) to utter an envious word — as to why they had to go through the rough and the tUmBle

Their words ARE INFACT q-u-i-e-t and like wIlDfIrE and at the same sense of ticked-PINK time: as they begin to appease

All of our septuagenarian sins. Each of them.. a miracle in bad MiSbehaving’s

Each of them: set to touch to taste ALL OF THESE FLAVOURS