Underground to the point of no return, and not in a good way either, taken from her family in the blink of an eye by a ‘silent angel’ stranger, oh so silent breather
No way to treat her, treat anyone, threatening from the beginning that next in line would be her son
A gun to her head, while her youngest slept soundly at home, rested his innocent and golden curls head
The dread was awful, anticipation gone completely awry, fears at finding her body in an alley some place, pretty face long gone, dead and buried, no longer able to adhere to her peers and the rest
First, he knocked the wind from chest, razorbladed her wrist, then he twisted the knife into her back, cleared the blood, covered his each and every track
Her son will never have her back
Lay low, before visiting him, gun in hand, no real plan other than to take him down, let this remote and homophobic town know all about his rip-roaringly ‘righteous’ escapades by holding him hostage, a young and handsome man’s smile turned forever the wrong way round