— “A big BONED Masterpiece, Please.”
Their rhythm is wrong and their limbs are looooong and for the longest time known to ANY such sentimental(MENTAL!) man AND woman..

They’ve DECIDED to dedicate themselves this time — to bringing the girls and kids and lads AND layabout lassos back to that place

Of epical dishevelment(!) It wasn’t meant to happen in that precise and disgruntled manner, actually; although they DO seem to —->

Have altered the vision of a sWaYaWaY MasTerPieCe, indeed: and the devil will NEED to be forgiven this particular time // and CAN we ask WHY(!?!)

But probably because THE most important people have done it ALL with their minds heavily inclined toward: that particular locational interpretation: THEY LIKE TO crave and call,

their Favourite sense of situational awareness