Metal flowing on through them
Ladies & gentlemen, I give you one Debra Montaigne – utterly affable
Able to brush herself off, step upon that stage
Wage a most wonderful war – ever astute, impressively resolute
A mesmerising nature with words
Baring the fruits of her avid labour – peculiar
Absurdly enticing bringings
Her beloved husband Erik – equally talented and forever in tow
Singing old Westerns aside his nimble fiddle
A storm in a pint of Guinness – delicious
Regaling both past and present tales of significance to all ‘n’ sundry
This is Sunday morning – day-break – at the Listowel storytelling
A festival to put the rest of us to shame
Shake our hardened souls
For these particular people there will always be just one goal – to find a literary way
I do blame the emoticons
Where, oh where, did we all go wrong!?