Of cours€ som€Tim€s th€y want to s€€ it all fall

Mix€d up and jad€d awaaaay(!) That is th€ir lit lot, actually, and it WAS a lot. “Oh, wow, how th€y did th€s€ €v€ntful things with m€Mori€s €ras€d. With… th€ir h€aving h€ARTS asking for a part… .”

Th€y w€r€ wond€ring about a f€W too many answ€rs for which th€y’Ve no long€r any r€al qu€stions anymor€; that idiotic p€opl€’s b€havioUR of

Bord€ring on badly diStorT€D actually. If th€y r€ally could mak€ th€ms€lv€s f€€l this mom€nt for a m€r€ €ag€r minut€ th€n …. wouldn’t this b€..

Th€ FINal epilogu€. Would it all NOT
Fall=== into furiously LIT lin€. Wouldn’t w€ all… locat€ our favourit€ WORST stat€ and

€ndUP doing all of th€ things that annoy€d no+on€+€ls€+and+ours€lv€s. Abov€ all €ls€, Imagining an imagination’s favourit€ FIXation might’v€ not b€€n such a t€rrific thing, and €v€n though sh€’s No one €ls€’s dr€am, th€n at l€ast sh€’s

A s€riously dramatis€d v€rsion of h€rs€lf THIS proclaim€d TIME = “wh€n f€€ling lik€ that oth£r p€rson plUS all of h€r own fullON flaws r€ally was—->

As Dramatically diff€r€nt As iT g€tS. And €v€n if sh€ wasn’t p€rf€ct sh€ was c€rtainly
A pictur€ p€rf€ct v€rsion of Som€body €ls€’s Gr€at€st d€piction of

—-> h€r hellhol€ mind minus OCD. “All that w€ €v€r REALly g€t to imm€diat€ly s€€.”