They’ve been talking and chattering about themselves in the tertiary person again, even been attempting to think in an AbsTraCT and arrowLIKE demeanour; was it all supposed to cloak itself in wrought~iron and Dagger(agelessly.. probably..). “They were wondering what they did for the sake of

Irreparable understanding – were even wet under the tongue and CoLlApSiNg~oF~collar and begging themselves and someone else(..) to

Utter these nonchalant things, please.” When it did take / dodder-faceFIRST n all / an incredible level of

— high-end artistic intelligence to seek~out =yet one other manner in which to stitch their hApHaZArD eyes and mUtIlATeD mind and Brains-of-Brilliant People begotten and BACKtogetherAgain. Beneficially tweaking the difference did and still does have to take.. … an entirely new level of

Puppeteering their aforementioned bRaInS: “and to the utterly iRrEguLar ExTenT.” Of killing with kindness.. this pent~UP regret—
None of it theirs. “But for the ocd which swims

Like a disqualified snake: and sniggers at a superbly LopSided Society.” Imagine being given a gun::

With nothing but bullets of RuM, and imagine having the mind to die::: so very exceptional and silently… … … SMILING HARDER THAN EVER, actually. That’s gotta be called: The Definition Of..

AnTaGoNizEd understandings. “Amidst a lock~and~chains existence(… … …)”