Calming, creative, and oh, so very considerate, is their manner and malfunctioning endeavour actually.

The best that they can achieve came and went.. away with the fledgling of fairies, indeed.
There’s just something about them and we sure as SHIT(!!) cannot

Repeat it RIGHThere(..) However, however.. HOW(??) and EVER(!) they can manage miraculously at

—taking time for the rest of themselves is—
“RightfullyTheirs, infact.”

To trackBACKwas to HaveUtteredTo another WorldlyPerson: just HOW-MUCH(???!) this meant to them. Again(!)

“They will need to act Neanderthal for a few too manyDecades, inDEED, even if- it has made them feel

NOTHING, actually. Their very best premonitions appear to matter, and their attention toArgumentativeDetail d-i-d appear

– to tale-off in-the-end.