They’ve been at it yet again; opening our ordinarily short of sight shutTIGHT= eyes might just make us feel beautifully brand new actually. It’s

Hella significant that they cannot seem to wax lyrical about themselves anymore. It’s… purely pragmatic how they can do the exACT same thing over and over and still — feel

Distantly over enthused(.) amidst utterABUSE of their thoughts and generational minds in GENeral actually. It’s

Highly addictive substances that take them away from themselvesSomEtIme$, “as we — badgerON belligerently.” Maybe, though = we weren’t supPOSEd to know what ever happenedNEXT to €rnest Heminway anyway(!) or perhaps that’s another replicated cHaNce+At+ChangeOfHeart

Chicanery . “It’s okay, though, that we were inundated inside our bare~knuckle minds sometimes, and DEDICATED at being A~okay with the

Absolute Empire of Entire Durt And Dust indeed.” If we **** with symmetry then we will

Knit it gently both MeNtaLlY back together please