Theirs is a strength that softly said: nothing else to itself. Aimlessly asking for another person to take their mentalWEIGHT away may as well have ((never)) happened YETAgain…

They’ve no-more interest than anyone else inBeingAboveItAll and certainlyDeliberate. These.. pure and utterly brilliant people who

——SeemToHave SoldNOsenseOfSoul
And nobody should both shall know, how the f*ckOnEarth it happened – that happening of hazardousHappenSTANCE

“And they get to feel it ALLOVERAGAIN(!!)” These Ripples ofRiproaringWannabes. Who truly do not understand their own level of

Mentally taxing equilibrium, actually. “What’s been before was then AND now and NEVERagainActually, please.”

Those cracks, these lights… … they are willing to hear NONE of that ageold crap, just to feel their freedom of far reeeeeaching(!!!) face

Against the grasp of theBreeze