The need was quite dire, to fire up these natural born homegrown abilities
To otherwise die immediately Inside
This fire Burns dangerously, quite peculiarly, agonisingly even, bright – might this all have been a rather terrific waste of her time, in fact
She’s unfathomably heartbroken, a quickened, high – octaned, strained to remain fair sensationalised personality left on the driest ice known
With so much to give, so very little on out there to suppose anything other than disdain
Snare her whole, please
For she’s built this particular thing intricately on up to try and frightfully, unexpectedly amount to something downright stand apart spectacular
Sounded out in the most demonic manner, desperate fashion imaginable
When a treacherous and thirst – ridden prison sentence appears to be All too unfairly, mind – bogglingly akin, bringing these lonesome and quivering sweat – ridden hands as far as thunderously, piercingly behemoth bars
Only for these metallicised Mammoth thin seemingly string – like
instruments which stand in deceptive line to have been notoriously aligned with touch and you burn tendencies – if only, she had to wonder, was it at all possible To finally attempt to make the life-altering difference
Free this constant and barbaric Pain, a may as well be tattooed upon stain on what’s entirely able and far, far more
To pour like a madwoman on kind, kind acid
For once in her precisely brutalised life