You’re talking about trying to come up with a rhythm that, with time and appreciation and respect, will both subtly and suitably blow the reader away. It’s a tiny bit infuriating because, when read off of the page and in your mind and in a silent tone, most people get absolutely sidetracked. Because it is a sentence that they are not used to seeing meander in that particular way and order. They are probably used to the same old sentences from novels that go in a straight line; but in poetry a woman cannot simply walk to the shop and buy the goddamn groceries, she needs to be interrupted into doing something entirely separate and different and, what’s more, utterly unanticipated to the norm. So, yeah, read it aloud to yourself and off of the page, please, if you really adore literature. Then you’ll get it, before the rest are force-fed it wrongly in syllabuses, etc. I need to make sure that the style is grasped earlier rather than later though, that’s my job right now to concentrate on marketing it, I guess. How do you ever feed people who don’t wanna read poetry in the first place to read high octane poetry?! You watch them, with intent. You then write about them and let the people who don’t get it actually see that they are the actual characters swimming inside each poem-piece. That’s what you might call grade-A manipulation only of a most mannerly and caring kind. Write about the doubters. Then the doubters might just become the lovers of your style. That’s a kind of pressure I am absolutely only delighted to adhere to. I mean, where’s the pressure exactly?!! Just a word is all. Like the rest. Like mine, even if it does feel like I am holding my own lonely gold right now. Maybe that’s how I might just want it to stay though, perhaps I don’t wanna give it all away. Give away ever single last part of me, only in sophisticated and fast-tracked word splurge. Yeah, the ocd definitely has to be… ahem, thanked???! for at least setting that… pace of pressure to adhere to literary exactitude of style off in my mind. As I say, the ultimate in silver-linings. Ahem….. gold linings. Now I need to kill the ocd while keeping the words.