A soft breath of fresh, transatlantic air and we watch her eagerly witnessed upheaval – all of the steals in the whole of the thirst-ridden universe may just about begin to belong to her

An outlandishly focused one, who lets it all fall into wonderfully misshapen place – the pitter-patter jigsaw puzzle-me-befuddled need not be so very alarmingly organised as such anymore

Broached the glistening surface and took an utterly awares step away, when these free-thinking people dislocate themselves, their panic-stricken and awry bodies, from a manic mind, pulsating brain

Only true and oft contractually obliged
Aside accustomed to this otherworldly feeling, no wane whatsoever
Of letting bygones be simply that cliche thing above all else

The mammoth and oh so very extraordinarily inward ‘devil may care’ attitude, to delve like crazy where all else fails to fail

Do it one step per kind-hearted time, one reckless foot settled afront the other, please, and bother yourselves silly to act tremendously accordingly

All out boundaries broken