Yes. They’ve done a fair few epical things with their time, have even very nearly altered their state of starry-minded meanderings, very NEARLY even so much as miraculously managed to adjust

Their VERY own mind’s ScintilLATEd sense of cradled (com)passion. To dance IS to prance IS(!) to ACTUALLY paint… the Dostoyevskian-skyLINE relatively right AND… beyond the STANCE of brand-new AND
Definitely-both-DEFIANTLY beautiful

— trying to t-r-y to get back into the Hahahahaha-groove Might Just Take
A Mammoth While-Of-Time, actually(!) But, trust us when we WILL tell you this pARTicular thing…

That she is ultimately primed. To silence: The Greatest Divide (Unknown to ANY man, or woman for that meaningful matter) – between her and him and them and this AND that —

HAD to have taken her bRuTaLiSeD-brain all of the way back to barely belonging to anything OR anyone else at all anyMORE

But before… … these eyes have guided her thus far, On An Unpardonable par — with some-ONE SOME-where, though(!?)

DO NOT DEPART this (lIvId sEeThInG situation, please. Nor E-V-E-N begin to let it win
Because that is… tHe tWiStEd aNd unPROVOKED SiN which they will speak of: oh, so very angrily, actually