They’ve even opened their artistic eyes to an avidly anticipatory SeNse of impending BliSs: these poised, pretty-faced people

Standing back to T-A-K-E T-H-E t-i-m-e to strengthen their (Favourite) bowstring, “yes… quiet and literally in THIS musically-enhanced inSTANCE

Of corner-stone CrEaTioN shared aforeMENTIONED AvIDlY between- a triangular/trio with “monsters for musically inclined Minds!“

They w-i-l-l prepare themselves and to the (Prioritised) point… of noteworthy INNER-resilience…

as these aforeMENTIONED and UTTERLY adored bowstrings (Of theirs) begin—-

to Beautifully BED THEMSELVES IN again

… … As They stART(!) to sInG it so VERY intriguingly and well,

Yes! “and UTTERLY of Their Own Chosen Accord.” Not a word but for

This avidly antagonised audience and its stinging earpiece “WHICH WISHES TO EQUALLY SING!!“

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