She’s been egged-on OUTLANDISHLY by all of these Neanderthal men-of-many: men who REALLY shouldn’t be these crazed aforesaid AlsoCANS!! “We’ve even Stayed with the people paralysed INSIDE and strengthened our very own Animated minds AND EYES anyway…

it’s not been THAT easily portrayable This OCD, upside-down, HeLtErSkElteR, “watch-you-while-you-sleep” thing which happens inside of our
HOSTILIZED minds.” Really didn’t seem to like how they drilled themselves to the very bones of their agitated bEinGs.

We’ve driven ourselves mentally perplexed and even OFTEN-ENOUGH-TIMES-NOW offered ourselves the best sense of singular scintillation technique, “indeed.”

If we look outside of ourselves (again) and stand-above-it-all-else and ASK: “aforesaid AgiTaTEd, ahem, answers OF OURSELVES, then will ALL OF EVERYONE ELSE –

Really STR!KE with outlandish (levels of) eXciteMent INSIDE OF THEIR MEMORY-OF-MINDS ANYWAY??” While we sit and wait…

For our favourite sense of sEdaTioN To Take Trace and buried deep… … … inside of her dishevelled delinquency