The prestige is coming, has been, and will archive its own sense of momentary bliss and other utterly incremental things. Funny that tail-ending of word, mental, in that.. it’s all of it been simply this HIGHLY applicable thing

Of coded significances and other finely tuned tHinGs, or not: who really tended to care the hardest AND HARSHEST anymore, but for WE… …

Have been settled for a LITTLE LONG while too long now and learning a brand new sense of guaranteeing comfort in contrarily antagonised numbers ACTually.

It doesn’t hurt, never WAS meant to feel this peculiar imbalance of WaY in fact: yet, it did and it WILL

Attempt to mEaNdeR mercilessly amidst her focused sense of distinguished equil=ibrium. She’s been humming and fawning at the state of the whole wide universe – as it uncovers itself just so well – whilst her eyes circumnavigate the landscape

Of her inimitable iMagiNaTioN (yet again.)