Whether it is or not I really don’t care, I think I’ll go with this one, give a rather unique religious outlook a shot, its time in the sun
All about prophecy from now on, even if I do find myself facing something of an uphill struggle, outrageously plain to see adversity
It’s one way to go, believe in the above and as soon as you do finally begin to reap what you sow, you can thank the GODS
Everyone has to have something, so why not prophecy, perhaps? I ain’t no preacher, no more, no less than an avid writer searching for the right kind of teacher in life, something to take a little or a lot away from the strife
All we can do is see what happens, you can always draw a map but you sure as hell can’t foresee what is, when you do finally decide to turn your mind to prophecy, something we funnily enough get to call inevitability