These hazardous times are walking remarkably upright, on an outlandishly, heavenly, soaring prayer

And we do indeed care to feel it – to hold our terrifically war torn memories closer than anything else, ever knowing

They do seem to push their pulsating hearts close against their thump again chests

And then, a sensational thirst for lust and a tremendously excitable feeling overcomes to so suddenly overrun them all … …

And we finally get to sit back/stand face forward and see – everything is outright damn holy

Clothed by silkened cloth, oh how they fought like wildfire to re-realise

Just Let It All Go, Please … …
Reawaken yourselves to smile by the gilded guise, these trodden upon senses of a Hundred Thousand deep-ended, dependent upon only ever us souls

Propose To Simply Suppose
A way out from under beneath?

Her rip worn feet are dutifully imbedded right by the tapestried ground
These crying-shamed eyes mightily realigned
To take to the bountiful prize … … of a smile-hardy lifetime

This barbaric line of golddust Cocaine can – and will – kill her better judgement call

Warts ‘n shortfalls, fallen right by … … if only a fair while