Standalone and lonely and ManiACaL ALL at the same Sane and SugGesTiVE time, “Please, people!” For ages and ages of age(!) she’s previously pre-prepared her pretty little developmental face —-

To feel a-l-m-o-s-t anything, actually. Stiflingly pretty and perfectly made-UP to the minutiae-of-detail to suit Any Such Scenic Scene
And this sense of eagle-eyed scenery IS –
Thankfully, rapidly enLARGEd and ALL-owing to her OWN over-eMoTiOnAl sEnSe of f-a—r—-reaching-BOTH-reACTing traces of fecksaaaake(!) FREEDOM….

A fighter with a milder-than-mild sense of EXAGGERATED AND estranged and playful demeanour, she w-i-l-l ((time again)) take this paintbRUSH and NESTLE it PRECIOUSLYagainst her r-u-s-h-i-n-g(!) thumb and forefinger

.. until shrill and standing tall AND almighty AND AVIDLY-both-ENTHUSIASTICALLY(!!) stressed-to-impress

— only EVER herself, actually: (And, yes: “She’s been reading and writing AND rather REARING to go… …

B-o-l-d-l-y wherein: No-one may have E-V-E-R typically gone

E: nose-to-predisposed-nose”- with the finest creators within her space of UTTERLY spatial AWARENESS!!!