When we audibly prepped ourselves for everlasting delirium. When we went inside of the very next sentence and determined what it was which took our minds to that Code BrEakInG pLaCe (again). She’s

All over the place AgiTaTeD and acting insidious actually. We’ve pulled the wool and watched the wandering of == inhospitable people with posthumously plagiarised minds make (L€$$) sense anyway. “They have come so very ******* far only to fall

Dithering n all – into all sorts of inopportune situations… .” We’ve broken ties with paradise and threaded together our unforgettable aforementioned minds anyway: “so as for everyone else to be utterly ******* able to cope and escape in equal aforesaid DelIriUM. We’ve

Counted the number of people who deemed themselves up to no good.” We’ve ACTUALLY even counted the numbers which make an immediate lack of sense (of themselves). And what will happen if

_____> We stick to the very SamE SanElY suppressed ScrIpT but for an utter overhaul of total ALWAYS GETTING ******* MENTIONED: “dEliRiuM.” When we moved the dice to

Open our lives UP TO UTTER
Only this time: “we did it with our eyes” amidst a wink and a lopsided smile