There’s this inter-developmental thing occurring and it just Might Manage to Make: rather disingenuous sense(..) “Where we were was an audible thing of STRING-OF-LIES aforesaid InterDevelopmentalIrregularity(.)”

The Christ-Almighty element of increMENTALbliss had sent them-/ to the other side of
Waywardly InSan€:: even if, “we seem to f-e-e-l the S(h)AME, it’s all been bothering to BotHeR Us all over aGAiN(…)”

Something Shamefully wild-fired inside seems – like a dream of a scatter-crashed oPiNiOn, Actually, of
… undilutedSilences. Thinking about it some-more -/ “they were caught in a mindsetYetA-G-A-I-N OfTheirVeryOwnUNANTICIPATEDWill.. “they, WON’T they, Though, bring it ALL-back to beautiful aforesaid IrReGuLarItY.”

Admittedly so… … utterly Probably. “They’ve even taken themselves dutifully away.. from the greatest: “living, sEeThIng, barely breathing fixation known..
To noBODY(… … …) actually.” And for that?

We will offer them: “Everything and anything which they WILL-NEED(!) to bring themselves back to

Credible cReaTiOn.” Yes. Do NOT mess with their feather weight minds, “please.” Renew yourselves to remember

“We’ve been battered against the bOuNce… like an isosceles triangle put upon fire!”