It is a matter of fact major reckoning of membrane- a who’s who, a which where and why of when?! Can it all make mediocre scoops of alcohol instilled sense

It’s beautiful and not so very petrifying in equally qualified qualification, actually: and we should’ve been relaxing and asking for forced versions of fondly driven forgiveness

It’s lacking in hindsight albeit with it WILL COME.. eventual hilarity.. “matter of FACT: hindSIGHT(!) hIlARiTy..

They’ve even wired their fists back together again – taken slow, pained and masterful aim.
Plain put simple, these people were probably born to be boxers, born with gloves wrapped right round their palms and hands.. as their flurry of fists

Start to majestically SOAR AND SPAR in search of that sense of winning Almighty. These perfectly derogatory people WILL NOT SLEEPUNTIL

“Their eyes and mind have had their fill – together forever and fighting for suddenly survival!!”