We were layabout and lopsided because we had to /// “stay wideAWAKE and she’s been acting eyes-alive and as real as (OUR) rip-torn, wrought-iron wisdom, please.” We’ve stolen the suggested sentences which sincerely scintillated and acted like belated also-cans as well as themselves ANYWAY.

When the dogs and cats in the street(s) rIotoUsLy retreat back into their very own souls and we

Sit to suitably suggest JUST SUCH YET ANOTHER WAY TO SAY:: “ten(-)billion of the exACT same sanely suggestive things.” And yes we’ve been running around in RECYCLED circles again (and) with no (REAL) way in AGAIN. And YES we’ve even

Moved and shook our superior souls BACK TO BOTHERSOME (belonging) because we had to // “fit in with someoneELSE… everywhere, and someBODY ELSE somewhere… … … SO-SOON!!”

They’re these swollen-faced folk-heroes with ZERO-interest in shaping the other people UP together (again) to eventually make //

Irredeemable sense. “She’s marrying into the whole darn thing again and divorcing themSELVES from everyone else!” Prioritised PROcesses, indeed.

When we’ve queued ourselves up in domino-like lines of layabout M!$~behaviour and made cocaine-capped mountains divide THEIR VERY OWN L!ES. And lines… … … .

“Yes, plEASE… and thanks for bathing inside of our wideAlive eyes.” And if we really WERE to sell our sycamore souls to THE RESPONSIBLE EXTENT of outlandishly outstanding… … then we’d very nearly Need ___

to Stay-away and MaKe maladjusted Sense of our admitted selves.