As she will try for some kind of unfashionable focus –

To take her writing utensils and for them to somehow lull her dreaded head into a (falsified) sense

Of momentary comfort and ceaseless creation .
That bargaining chip of a lifetime amidst this, the showcase of the century . Only so far nobody appears to have been listening … to the warped weight of her tornado brain !
With its unofficial inundation of whip-smart punctuation and upstart bravado .

When one writer has. to. know. And it will not drop its restless pen until it all starts to make some sort of sophisticated sense

To these as-of-yet undisturbed people of fleeting intellect – oft distracted and dangerously distanced by an abstract movement with sharp words of anxious permission and begging for that secondary sense … of audiovisual authorization and deftly enthused authentication .

To take forensic hold of most, if not all, of these universal creatures
They lay desirable and unidentified before Us all — and embedded themselves distastefully within these seen-to-be irreparable levels of anticipatory angst and plagiarized mystification .

Pushed to a point of persuasion, a tornado will talk !