Her levels of InnerInteraction and intellect need never have had applied for
Anything else anymore: she’s a spontaneous individual of sickeningly sufficient consequences, and if “we do wish..” to have a heart, then..

We will need to remind ourselves to remain:: “above all else absolute and truly truthful and asking all the right sorts of REALLY oughta have been — able-faced and -stated questions.

There’s a spice of life, a surefire source OF clandestine Happiness… to her strength of (sEcOnDArY!!) survival and it’s not all that it’s ((NOT)) been cRaCkEd Up To be(!)

“We see her, though, immediately
And we DO-SEE(..) that she’s been wildly over+the+TOP andActingEnthusiastically OverEmoTioNal AND certainly, ahem, certifiABLYsaneActually.”

However.. and this part matters the mere EAGERmost because.. “what she will do next(?)
Doesn’t even need to make perfectly consequential SenSe.
In fact(…) abstract lies the happiest heART