These are the dogged and sprightly individuals of UP ALL NIGHT atmosphere. Whilst the rest of the remainder of the wide world sleeps// one eye WIDE opening again

Their point is to cReaTe The Greatest State of UNPARDONABLE fiction; it’s this.. vagaBOND demeanour of theirs which w-i-l-l OPEN aforementioned eyes(and MinDs!!) wider than PRE-imagineABLE(.) We are waiting for them to make no such sense

Of us anymore; our own minds have NOT been e-a-t-i-n-g the time
But rather a-c-t-i-n-g as though, as IF—

it were all about to go… UP IN HOLY-SMOKE f-l-a-m-e-s
No pain.. no GAIN(?!) Nope, not really All-The-Same

As these sensational joker-faced individuals do not want to DUEL ANYMORE(.)
But for.. .. their innate ability to be: these trUSted By Now people

Who do carry with them their scent of cReAtivE folklore — immediately injected into

Their next best storyLINE. Oh, but for these make-believe instances of STANDalone composition — to stand AND take…

its favourite (RE)pOsiTioNiNg(.) Making these Red & Black Roses Be Damned To Hostility