Unsuspecting but, nonetheless, this particular thing seems to leave him a little or a lot predisposed
I suppose, really, he’s oh so brand new to all of it
Will certainly require your entire wits about you, an utter ability to choose just how to puppeteer your each and every single sentence
Sure, you feel threatened…
And there will always be one such begrudger peering all too negligently over their ridiculously cumbersome shoulder
Why not crack that particular boulder in two, heck, possibly even three
Face forward, tee it on up!
Usurp the least suspecting, those few too many who will forever check for better things entirely to do with their oh so precious time
One word you long for, I know it… can even see it!!
Here’s your stage and right over there is your anticipatory rhyme
So, please, do us all a huge favour and find us out
Shout if needs be… free yourself of any such shackles
Tackle it all before beginning to fall ’til there truly is no way back
Get ready to follow one of the most lonely tracks in the known world