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DelIriuM! She’s staying close and standing soothed too, she’s even making miraculous levels of layabout MayHeM: “SCREEEEEAM!!” We’ve sent them to the part of purely prestigious minus them even asking, “not even bloody damn well UndErStandiNg.”

All of these hands wrapped right round her pUlSaTinG neck, shaken to the core of irreSTORABLE, actually, and we’ve been suspending our upended selves again whilst the rest of them-there rather wrought-iron individuals

(Do) duel — to the immeasurable extent of REMEMBERING TO RENT THEIR BEST BRAINS ((of many)) OUT to these

Mellow-minded men, ACTually, Of Undeniable Deluge ((ANYWAY)). “She’s been stepping inside of cHaOtIc oVerTimE and she’s even been egging herself on yet again.” To send themselves irreversibly SillyfAcEd InSaNely (sane), “plEASE.” We’ve been releasing the bats

And if they saw where we walked then they just might start to talk..