We were doing our damn dastard damndest again to playfully penetrate the SeethingInsides Of our Electrical Minds; “where were the right kinds of nastily+bad=people when we.. didn’t actually effing need them at all anymore?”

Uproarious sonsaCYUUUNNNTS THAT THEY ALL appear to have been

needlesslyProclaiming to having done the hard+++time times a million mentally nervous mistakes – fucksake: “let us forsake them all immediately, plEASE… and for the SAKE

Of having nothing better to do with their time than to—- electrify their TaciturnLevelOfMisSpentIntellect.” Respect reasonably lost on US((all))as they canNOT but

Riotously remain::: these self slainedIndividuals of duelling AnImOsitY, actually. And also:: MALADJUSTED-animals— “the Whole Damn+effing(…) lot of them- lit-up (!!)”

Like a Christmas tree and about to be:: hanging from that ten-dollar NooseHangingLooselyAroundTheirGroundlessNeck, “get lost and go LOSE yourselves.. please.” No more self proclaimed riotous releases of a most

Untidy and untrustworthy kind. All eyes: directed DISrespectfully towards heaven.. AND Hell(..)