We partly probably didn’t. Deserve… the delicate nature of a stand-happy delinquent – we didn’t need

Nurtured souls all the damn time either. There were ways of making her seem.. Sudoko’s version of surplus toEVERYONE else’s requirements. We don’t really

Make real-life mistake, yet what we do do is we “escape via the backdoor inside of our entrance-of-brain… OVER thickening-of-BRAWN.” They’ve teetered on living with IMPOSSIBLE: have even nearly

Ended-it-all with a GLAD-RAGGED *u***d* VEILED IN COMPLETE ‘comparison’. She’s been breathing beneath the GREATEST version of a permanent person’s lIvId, SeeThInG amalgamation of ImagInAtion. She’s

“Been badly sometimes – beneath the untied intricacies of the maladjusted mind – represented in the present-tense of pretty effedUP AWARENESS.” Yet she did it. “stILL ******* DOES!!” She walked with her mind in a collapsing_BinD of utter

Mental TorTure, and she did it all with an explosive OceAn oF ENDLESS— “expletive emotion Going On Definitively Inside – when shy-eyes DO CRY Felt-too-MuCh Tearaway of felt-tip Tears… … … .” And WHY WON’t she ever get to truly Fa__

… lL(?) But put purely BEcause: “she did this thing with her tossed-about-the-place-and__INSTANTANEOUSLY-SplIt wItS= bleeding to feel… momentarily ReaL.”

Every single second of happenSTANCE distraction, actually, and with a LIVID, SEETHING ATTEMPT

To SIMULTANEOUSLY turn it (ALL) into a. Stand-alone attraction:: “Of DisRupTiVe (mental) Pleasure, Please.”