It isn’t any sense of justifiable justice anymore, really; that they’ve worked tirelesslyHARD to woRd thEiR WiReDmIndS the RIGHT-way… RIGHT, actuALLY(!!) We were asking ourselves how-in-the-name-of-ACTUALLY-ANYTHINGreally..

Have we managed…
toWideAwake bleed(!!) at the Setting-Of-TheSeams, even if: “still STAUNCHLYstandingAboveOf
Ourselves.” There’s… this… … terrifically penetrative insinuation that

“Why we were the way our MannerismsMISbehaved is rather a Wildlyimpossible thing to EVER-understand…

Bandaged, bandaged, bandAGED.. miraculously to the weight of Y-E-T another Upstanding(staunchly) person.” WERE they EVER-knowing and all-too-obvious about — the fate of our InterCONnectedBliss, OR(!!!)

Were there a thousand otherThingsInTheirTheoryOfMindAsWell(?!) Happening, happening… HAPPENingAs(StrAnGe!!)AsNatureWouldHaveIt

Whilst their eyes tried and their minds finally..
Cried: “tears of trepidatious delirium.” They’ve been feeling… somethingSecondToNoneOther… ..

EXCEPT FOR: one wayHome. Spun about ‘til ShOoK AlL Of THe WayRound.. til DELIRIOUSLY steadied by runaround mounds

Of helter-skelter-doubt (.)