Right now is the hardest part
I’ve come out battling
Battling ’til my head’s in a
Pain won’t stop…
I’ve ignored the monster
Inside of my head
Told him to
F**K right off
He persisted
‘Til I needed to lie down
For a bit
Woke up
And he kept on keeping on
‘Til finally I felt a little better
Answered the phone to a friend
When a large albeit unruly
Part of me didn’t want to
Marched on down town
When everything was
Telling me
The shit was WELL AND TRULY going
To hit the fan
Stopped smoking ten cigarettes
In a row
When I needed the crutch
As much as a cancer patient needs
But now I’m over the hill
Looking forward to the free fall
But he won’t give up all that easily on me
Hell no
When all you want is to feel better
It’s frustrating to a dangerous point
Of no return
You see
This poem’s less about the reader
And more about me
I pray to God what I’m saying
Makes me feel somewhat more free
Apologies for the depth though
Sometimes my brain’s too inept
To go another way