Rose was the one, I guess, who we all wanted to know and to be around and all of the time. But, sometimes that just ain’t the easiest thing in the world to happen. However, it happened with me, and for that I am always finding myself to be entirely grateful. Grateful for the friendship, the honesty of her nature and, above all else, well… everything, really. That silly little bubblegum film became a huge part of our adolescence and, in many ways, I think it did work. I mean, no; it didn’t make it anywhere near big enough in so far as my grandiose dreams went with it, but what it did do was it forged a unique path for the pair of us. Two absolute chalk and cheeses. A special kind of a path that allowed for us to completely be at ease with one another. That has to be a rare thing by the end, right!? Sure Ernie was an asshat by the ending, and, to be perfectly fair, the other group of girls mixed up in the whole project didn’t do so much to impress themselves upon me either. Rose, though? The constant. The prickling thorn in my young directorial side, an undeniably fresh batch of brilliance whenever I might have needed her the most. And how I did need her the most of the time. Like I said before, always there whenever you might have needed her to be, even if a thousand other people might’ve needed her too. Of course, Charlie X was always going to fall by the wayside. How could he not? Something or other to do with Rose catching him kissing one of her old school friends in the Science Lab near the tail-end of the school year. He pleaded with her that he only ever did it so as to wrangle some extra help in grinds out of the girl; and Rose kind of found herself believing him too, because, well, Charlie was a tad bit dumb aside from his ability with drumsticks on a drum. And the girl in question, the kiss-n-tell factor – the same one who he signed a deal with the devil with and kissed? Well… she simply fell somewhere soberly between Saoirse Ronan and Greta Gerwig – damn fine but not Rose. Never Rose. The film reel is somewhere at home, taking up space under a bed in the spareroom. My girlfriend has watched it and she says that she found it really endearing. Endearing. It isn’t quite Hollywood, is it? But, what it is is utterly honest. And, thankfully in her I get a woman who adds up to everything that I am not. Is she the love of my life? Sure. For the time being she is, just like Rose was for the time being then. Although, with Rose it seems to last longer – when I think about her and the times we shared together I don’t ever switch off or turn away in thinking of something else. That’s just Rose though, a once in a lifetime opportunity. Not that I would ever stray. Just that… well, she was an exception to all of the rules, unlike that Science Lab girl for poor ole Charlie. I’m sure he is doing fine though. Last I heard on the homestead grapevine and via a few drinks down the local pub over Christmas break, he was working some place way up the country with a car franchise. Never proceeded any further with his drums, and definitely won’t be marrying Rose, that’s a certainty that pleases me to no end really. Where is Rose? Surely that question has been making its way to the tip of your curious tongue. Well, for me to tell you that, I am genuinely going to have to start delving a whole lot deeper in telling you the whole second part of our friendship. What? You thought it ended at the end of school year. You think all of this lust and love talk regards her revolved only around a six-month stint of amateur film-making during our off-time at school!? Come on! Rose was, still kind of is, the one for a reason. And, oh my do the reasons stack up the further we tend to go with this thing.


It isn’t that I didn’t try to care. Just that, somehow, anyhow, it all seemed to feel ridiculously real, you know? Just this mannerism, or rather a number of marvellously unforgettable mannerisms about her. See, we would sing and even dance sometimes, like nothing else ever even existed. Right inside of my Grandfather’s shed and just like the old-fashioned people might have done for themselves way back when once-upon-a-time existed in the Here and Now. Heck, maybe a little further back beyond that even. When no-one was looking, Rose would do this precious thing all by her own. She would gather herself away from everything and anything else we might have been doing when it came to the matter of our film, stand there pretty as a picture and start to show me something that I never imagined at this point in my life. See, she showed me a piece of me, or rather, in fact, all of the real, living, seething pieces of me. All lumps, nuts and the bolted bits in-between. The whole damn lot of it and right from mysterious start to abrupt finish. Rose was, still is, I hope, my answered equation. The one who stands above any other girl in most, if not all ways that there might be.

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