She’s definitely been a Piedmont-Persuasion kinda lady… she’s utterly been an icon of her inter-generational time and vying – w(H)ine at-hand to act dastard and DAMNright mollycoddled to death all in ten-thousand people’s lesser knowing thoughts. We

Wanted for these people to persist even if: “it’s up to them in the END – definitely – to reimburse bare-naked and oblivious souls.” She did not ask for utter onomatopoeia, NOT EVEN for a little piece of

Purely ordained, plEASE, peace and delicate-both-DEAFENING DISquiet(!) “They don’t think in terms of alternative realities anymore, (they) don’t even wish to want to wakeUP BESIDE THEIR SODDING-WELL selves yet again.” Enamoured to be here she’s

WakingUP with aforesaid unmentionable taste – of torturous thinkings, maybe(?) “They don’t like how she
Brutalises ordinarily bliss-FUELLED eyes.” But she might just like— how the **** we came she went anyway

Down on her knees… “and begging US, plEASE(…)”