Is it really what I want right now, a book deal?
I do think so, it seems to be, for my rhyme to reach an all too well-adjusted publisher, my prolific back-catalogue to show them, let them know that I have what it takes
I’ll rhyme no more if that is in fact what will get me through the door, what proves to them that I well and truly am in the know when it comes to this particular art
I’ve done my time, heard it all before,”you have to start somewhere…”
Oh the downright despair with having to hear that again
Just me and my Goddamn pen it seems
I’m no literary rat, I want what every other writer wants, to appeal to all and sundry, that high and mighty highschool priest, the one who said he didn’t think I had what it takes
Forsake all rhyme, no chance, sure isn’t it that linguistic nature that sits atop the page that has so far been causing my audience to dance?