Sounds like… well
Nothing really
But Salzmannschule Schnepfenthal
Was a school in Germany
Where ‘The Depressed Artist’ went
A place where days were tough
Classes irked her considerably
But she decided to
Keep on keeping on
Went to her art class
Whenever her head was bad
Drawing a bit about how
She felt
Always made her glad
The teachers at Salzmannschule Schnepfenthal
Never knew what was on
Her mind
A sunny day
When the younger years
Played Fuzball in the yard
Never cleared the clouds of doom
There she would sit
Forlorn to the last
Inside an empty room
The art continued
She added a rainbow of colour
To the mix
Gave her teacher something of a drug-free fix
Not for her though
The monster still rode
On her back
Face full of tears
Flack… and more flack
Too many scribbles
Going on about her head
When she returned from school
She’d lose the uniform and fall
Straight into bed
Felt like a barrier blocking her way
A stellar personality
Lovely looks
All going astray
As far as she was concerned
Salzmannschule Schnepfenthal
She said her goodbyes
And headed for Ireland
Where she gained
Some perspective
And understanding from
Her first boyfriend
An artist too
They worked around the clock
Tick tock, tic tock
‘Til her art was majestic
Her mind became at ease
Suddenly whenever she woke up
Early morning
Life was a breeze